Tommy  Thompson Park

About fishing at Tommy  Thompson Park

Located at bottom of Leslie provides excellent fishing opportunities in the many small bodies of water around the park that attract many different types of fish. The park is accessible to public transit but is a long walk into the park. Tommy Thompson Park does have public washrooms in the park. Note that no live bait is allowed to be used for fishing. This is to help limit the risk of introducing invasive species in the ecosystem. The Round Goby is in the ecosystem already if caught it is mandatory by law that you do not release it back into the water as they eat the fish eggs of the species and reduce the population.

The many different enclosed areas provide great fishing year round. Tommy Thompson Park is one of the few parks in Toronto where lake trout have been recorded to be caught from the shore. Tommy Thompson Park is one of the best fishing locations near the downtown core. The park stretches out a few hundred meters which is why it attracts a variety of fish who prefer both cooler and warmer water temperatures.

Directions to Tommy  Thompson Park

What kind of fish will I find at Tommy  Thompson Park?


Due to the many enclosed areas and marina at Tommy Thompson Park pike fishing provides great action during late May to end of June. Pike can be caught in any part of the park but the body of water attached to the Aquatic Park sailing Club provides exceptional pike fishing till the season closes in December. The cooler water from Lake Ontario flows into the bay and provides an ideal water temperature for pike. Anglers casting from shore will have best luck using spoons and spinners as well as artificial minnow baits. Action also picks up from late September to the season close for pike at Tommy Thompson Park. Fishing at the mouth of the bay is one of the best spots to cast from shore.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass can be found throughout the park near the shorelines and the enclosed shallow weedy areas are perfect spawning areas for them. When the season opens for bass in late June, the largemouth bass at Tommy Thompson Park approach five pounds. Cast in weedy shallow areas with either worms, artificial crayfish or frogs along with crank and top water baitsBass action is fairly good from season open to close in December at Tommy Thompson Park.


Perch fishing is fair at Tommy Thompson Park in the enclosed water areas. The bays provide an excellent habitat for the perch which is why they are drawn to these areas. Roaming schools of perch are common through the bay which can provide high paced action from time to time. For catching perch use worms, jigs and very small minnow baits can be effective for larger perch due to their larger mouths.

Black Crappie

Black crappie have been caught throughout Tommy Thompson Park, but anglers have had more luck in the semi-enclosed bay. Black crappie can be caught through the weedy shallows as well and provide great fishing action through the summer months. Crappie can be caught with worms, but anglers have most luck using specific crappie baits which can be purchased at your local fishing store and the fishing section on Amazon, for fairly cheap. Most of these baits are salted as well to attract them to bite and hold on to the bait for longer prior to getting hooked.

Lake Trout

Lake trout can be caught thanks to the deep water of Tommy Thompson Park. Lake trout prefer cooler water temperatures and can be caught in the deepest part of the water. Boat anglers have the best opportunities but some anglers from shore can also enjoy some action due to the deep drop-offs. Anglers should use spoons and spinners that are heavy enough to reach near the bottom.


Carp angling is one of the attractions at Tommy Thompson Park. The size of the carp at Tommy Thompson Park are approaching twenty pounds in size and provide excellent action throughout the year. The best spot in the park is by the bridge nearest the dragon boat club. The carp stay to the bottom of this bridge due to this semi-enclosed area. Anglers have best luck using corn with a weight attached on the bottom. Cast from the shoreline, where you can land the fish. Landing a fifteen to twenty pound carp from the bridge is almost impossible because of how carps mouths are not very strong. There is also a man-made point near the bridge where carp pass by near shore. This point is also an excellent angling opportunity as well.

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