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Sunfish are one of the most common fish throughout Toronto waters. They prefer weedy shallow waters similar to bass and perch. Their diet consists of small prey including insects, snails, leeches and other very small fish. The best fishing in Toronto is at Grenadier Pond where overfishing has caused a disturbance in the ecosystem. Due to the lack of other predators such as Largemouth Bass and Pike in the pond, the sunfish have few predators which has caused an overpopulation problem. Sunfish are great for small kids or anglers just looking for action.

Worms are definitely the most effective for catching sunfish. Small hooks are important as well since they have tiny mouths. Anglers can have luck letting it sit on the bottom of the pond or using a float such as a bobber. If the fish are not biting try sweet corn. Most sunfish will briefly inhale the sweet corn for a few seconds and then spit it out, however it is common for them to bite on and get hooked. Sunfish are a fish that are open all year in most waters. Be sure to check with your local zone to make sure prior to casting.

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