Northern Pike

Northern Pike are one of the most sought fish in Canadian waters due to their impressive size and great appetite. Wire leaders are extremely important for pike due to their very sharp teeth which are cable of breaking even the strongest test lines. Pike are usually located near the entrances of bays in shallow areas. They are commonly found around the mouth of rivers and streams as well looking for small fish to enter these locations. Pike spawn near the shallows in weedy areas which gives an opportunity for fly fishing. Fly fishing is non-traditional for pike fisherman, but can provide excellent pike action in the spring time.

Best lures are spoons, minnow baits and crank baits. They should be non-deep diving minnow and crank baits due to the swimming habits of Pike. Pike love to be near the top of the water when searching for prey. It is common to spot them just a few feet below the water surface when they are ready to strike at any second. For live baits, minnows are perfect for them but be sure to check with local fishing zones and waterways to see if live baits are allowed.

In the summer months fish in deeper waters if you have access to a boat. Although many pike remain in bays, some go out to cooler waters. Action remains decent through the summer fishing along the bottom. When Pike strike you will feel a huge tug. When attempting to land the fish a net may be required for larger fish. Pike are strong and aggressive which can make the fight last for some time be patient when landing them.

Recommended Lures for Pike:

  1. Spoons
  2. Minnow Bait
  3. Crank Bait
  4. Wire Leaders

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing for Pike is a primary fish at Frenchman’s Bay. Anglers are seeking out trophy pike which are attracted to the bay due to the warmer water that is omitted from the Pickering Powerplant. Pike can be caught using live minnows or other small bait fish. They can also be caught with jigs and spoons attached to a wire leader. Pliers are required for the removal of pike from the lure due to their very sharp teeth and strong jaws.