Humber River Marsh

About fishing at Humber River Marsh

Humber Bay is home to many different species and has multiple locations for fishing including, the marsh area located at the bottom of Mimico Creek, the boardwalk by the marina and the east section of the bay. Each location has great fishing opportunities with different ecosystems that attract and retain different types of fish all year round. Public washrooms and access by public transit is available along with pay parking in effect from May to October. Humber Bay has a boat launching area available as well.

Directions to Humber River Marsh

What kind of fish will I find at Humber River Marsh & Marina?

Fresh Waterdrum

This fish is occasionally caught at Humber Bay. Numbers have been declining due to the overfishing of these species. However, they are still possible to catch. Anglers should use crayfish lures and jigs along the bottom when targeting a fresh waterdrum. Fresh waterdrum put up a good fight and are often mistaken for smallmouth bass the way they strike the lure.


Bass are possible at Humber bay but not very common. In the marsh areas are where anglers have the best luck tossing an artificial cray fish or frog near the many logs in the water. Small minnow baits will also be effective. Bass like weedy shallow areas that are covered from the sun. Tree shade that covers the water is another spot that should be targeted. Live bait such as worms are also good, especially for rock bass. Many of the bass take to the shoreline of Lake Ontario for spawning locations.

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