Frenchman’s Bay

About fishing at Frenchman’s Bay

Located in Pickering, Frenchman’s Bay offers some of the best fishing in the Toronto area. There are many different types of fish in the bay which offers anglers a very diverse ecosystem and great action throughout the summer months. Frenchman’s Bay also has many different fishing spots including two different marinas which offer great opportunities for pike fishing. There is parking available in two main areas at the southeast part of the bay at the end of Liverpool Road and also on the southside parking is available off of W. Shore BLVD.

Due to Frenchman’s Bay being located so close to the Pickering Powerplant, the warm water that is omitted from the plant attracts walleye to the bay. Walleye fishing is available all year at Frenchman’s Bay and are normally caught by anglers targeting pike. Ice fishing is also a great opportunity for anglers looking for walleyepike and perch. Be sure to check with local weather forecasts and government websites to ensure the ice is safe for fishing.

Frenchman’s Bay has many great opportunities both from shore and from boats. Entrance from the mouth of the bay from Lake Ontario is the only boat entrance other than the gravel boat launching area on the south part of the bay. Boat anglers do well trolling along the shorelines in search of either walleye or pike. Shoreline fishing is great throughout the year with many different fish being able to be caught with long casts from the shore.

There are many seasonal opportunities at Frenchman’s Bay. The bay attracts, chinook and coho salmon as well as brown trout and rainbow trout. These can be caught from shore using, spinnersspoonssmall minnow baits as well as flies When targeting these fish, try to cast to the deepest spot in the bay as these fish prefer the coldest water.

Directions to Frenchman’s Bay

What kind of fish will I find at Frenchman’s Bay?


One of the best locations for Pike fishing in the Toronto area, Frenchman’s Bay is home to some trophy pike that offer great fishing for the summer as well as Ice fishing. For hot spots from shore try to stay close to the marinas and cast out on the farthest points as pike are constantly drifting around the marinas in search of sunfishperch, or other small fish. Also, the many parks around the bay also offer some Pike fishing action. Those with access to boats or canoes troll along the shoreline areas using spinnersspoons, and minnow baits.

Black Crappie

Black crappie are found in small schools throughout the bay. Shore fishing is difficult to catch black crappie because they primarily stick to the middle of the bay. Boat anglers have the best luck using a light-jerking motion with either worms, small jigs or crappie baits.


Good carp fishing is available at the bay all year long. The best spots are near the docks in the marinas as most carp are spotted coming up to the water surface. Carp that can be at Frenchman’s Bay can get up to fifteen pounds. Using sweet corn or worms and letting them sit on the bottom will produce the best results.


Bass fishing is great at Frenchman’s Bay offering many different species including, largemouth basssmallmouth bassrock bass, and the occasional white bass. There are many great areas for bass fishing all around Frenchman’s Bay. The North part of the bay has a great largemouth population, due to the warmer water. The South has great smallmouth fishing, primarily due to the cooler temperature that is omitted from Lake Ontario. Both species as well as white bass and Rock bass primarily stay close to the marina which offers great fishing opportunities. Casting with minnow baitsspinners and jigs in shallow weedy areas will provide excellent fishing action.

Sunfish & Perch

Sunfish and perch can be caught in any part of the bay. For the marinas using worms will be most effective. These fish provide excellent fishing action for small kids. Ice fishing for perch is common at Frenchman’s Bay with some perch reaching three-quarters of a pound.

Brown Bullhead (Catfish)

Brown bullhead, or catfish, are everywhere at Frenchman’s Bay feeding off whatever they can find off the bottom. The most popular fishing hotspots are in the South part of the bay. The fish are fairly small but provide some action for anglers. Catfish can be caught using almost anything, as long as the bait is on the bottom. Anglers do best using worms and corn.

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