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Having the right kind of tackle to land certain types of fish is very important. For example, it is going to be very difficult to land a Northern Pike or a Walleye without a Leader. because of the brute strength of these fish.

Having a great selection in your tackle-box will help you meet the demands of even the most ferocious fish in the GTA.

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are excellent for bass, pike and walleye. They omit a vibration from the spinners, which can be felt through the waters by these fish. These are great lures because they can go through light weeds fairly easily without snagging on them. Since the hook is pointed towards the inside of the lure the It is rare to catch the hook on logs or rocks, which makes it a perfect lure. Silver spinners are ideal for days with limited light and for bright days a bronze colour spinnerbait is suggested.

Rapala Fire Tiger Crank Bait

One of the most trusted brands in fishing meets elegant design that is irresistible to predator fish. The bright vibrant colours mimic perch which makes it a highly demanded lure to have in an angler’s arsenal. The underbelly of the lure is bright orange and the bottom is the most common striking point because of this. Pike, bass and walleye are the usual fish to strike this fish, however due to its lifelike nature of a perch, it can be used to catch trout, crappie and some jumbo perch as well. This is one of the best largemouth bass baits Amazon has to offer, and it sells below regular retail.

Best Walleye Bottom Lure

For those with access a boat or who are ice fishing for walleye, the Lindy Little Joe Spinner is an excellent attracter. The light can penetrate through the water to the bottom and reflect off of the spinner part and the beads. The spinning motion when the lure is moving when accompanied by a live minnow or large worm is one of the best lures for walleye. Some anglers also get lucky and catch pike due to the scent of live bait and spinning red motion, which resembles an injured fish, which is an easy target. Some anglers also have luck for bass and pike from shore casting with live baits.

Berkley Tube Baits

For soft baits, Berkley soft tube is one of the best bass and crappie fishing lures. Most anglers us large hooks or heavy jigs so they can get some distance casting. Soft baits, such as tube baits, also hold attractant better than hard lures. These attractors make fish hold on to the bait a lot longer and help in setting the hook. With soft baits, such as tube baits, having the attractant such as bass or crappie attractant will give you excellent results. These baits come salted from, which also make the fish hold the bait longer. They also come in a variety of colours which you can choose upon checkout.

Bullfrog Soft Baits

Bullfrog soft baits are excellent for largemouth, smallmouth , rock bass and pike. These can be made into weedless lures, which can allow you to easily cast through lilypads and weeds. These are casting hotspots for bass and bullfrogs are very tempting as frogs are a large part of bass diets. These baits come salted which increases the chance of a bite and they also hold on longer. Casting these and raising them to the top then letting it swim down to the bottom with the arms moving is highly provocative to these fish which is why they love the Bullfrog lure.

Perch Spoon

The Berkley Johnson Splinter is one of the best pike lures available online. The consistent swivelling action is irresistible to pike and walleye. The life-like perch design is excellent for making pike have strong attacks and hold the lure for longer. Casting out and keeping the lure close to the surface will produce the best results. Some bass will also attack this lure as they may mistake it for a perch. Some perch and crappie have also been caught on this spoon when reeling slowly. Walleye during spawn can also be caught casting along shorelines in either rocky or gravel areas.

Biodegradable Trout Bait

Berkley powerbait is ideal fortrout anglers. The bait is infused with scent to attract trout. These are mostly used to catch rainbow, brook and brown trout. Some anglers have luck ice fishing for lake trout using this bait. The bait is also biodegradable which will not pollute the waters or give off any residue. Anglers have best luck putting this on hooks and casting in rivers during their runs up and down streams in search of spawning locations.


Weights are needed in everyone’s tackle box as they are needed for most soft baits. They are excellent for adding to your line to get some additional distance from your cast. It is also used if some baits aren’t heavy enough to reach the bottom where some fish prefer to be.Eagle Claw weights are one of the easiest to attach to the line and they offer a variety of different sinker weights to ensure you get the perfect weight or depth you need for each lure.

South Bend Spoons

One of the best pike lures are the spoons with the red and white colours. Although they are not very large, they are amazing lures that pike cannot resist. Casting and keeping them near the water surface is best when trying to land pike. They are swift and quick through the water which allow for fast strikes from pike. Wire leaders, should be used when using these, due to the sharp teeth that pike have capable of snapping the line. Trolling in and around bays and marinas are perfect spots that South Bend Spoons are extremely effective. Some anglers also put a few weights on the line to add some casting distance.

Minnow Bait

Minnow baits accompanied by jigs are excellent as they mimic small bait fish. Many different types of fish can be caught using minnow baits such as bass, pike, walleye, trout, salmon and crappie. Pending on the fish, adjusting through different weighted jigs will provide excellent angling action. The tail on this minnow bait wiggles through the water imitating the motions that minnows and bait fish make. Putting on a few drops of attractant for the specific fish you are targeting will keep anglers busy for hours. The benefit of minnow baits is the wide diversity of fish that will strike this minnow bait, because minnows are a part of almost every fish’s diet.


Jigs are excellent alternatives to traditional hooks as they have extra weight for casting farther distances. They are also commonly used for ice fishing for lake trout because they can reach the bottom of the water. They are also excellent to attach to soft baits to be able to put some extra distance every cast. If trying to get a lightweight minnow bait or crayfish to the bottom of the water, it may be difficult with a traditional hook, which is why these bright red and yellow jigs are perfect in attracting fish.

Crappie Bait

The Slab Slayer is a specific crappie and perch bait. The pack comes in a quantity of twelve per package and is bright green and red. The tail wiggles intensely through the water and can be seen by these fish. Once this lure hits a school of these fish a bite occurs shortly after. Some small sunfish may also bite these. Small hooks should be used with these baits to try and disguise the hook in the water.


Fly fishing is a favourite style of fishing by many anglers. Flies are a main source of food for trout and salmon in rivers when they are in spawning season. Many anglers have an entire arsenal of different flies that allow them to diversify. This starter kit of flies has 48 different flies which makes it perfect for someone new or experienced to fly fishing. These flies are extremely lifelike which result in many salmon and troutstriking them on a regular basis.

Berkley Powerbait – Trout

The Berkley Powerbait attractant for trout is an excellent attractor, which primarily catch rainbow and brook trout. Some lake trout can also be caught in rivers but if fishing in deep waters it is hard to reach lake trout along the bottom. Simply add a few drops to your lure and cast out. Reapply a few drops every ten casts to ensure the scent remains on the lure you are using.

Craw Lures

This lure is one of the best bass lures that is in the soft bait category. Crawfish are a huge part of largemouth, smallmouth and rock bass diets. Putting these on an Eagle Claw Lazer hook, which can be easily converted into a weedless lure, and casting through the weedy shallows and around logs without worrying of snagging your line. These are very effective with light weights attached just above the hook, which allows the lure to mimic the movement of crawfish.

Jig with Minnow Bait

Made by Berkley, this lure is irresistible to pike, walleye and trout as it resembles small bait fish. Casting through deep pockets or trolling makes the tail of the lure to wiggle and omit a vibration which some fish are able to feel. They have slight weight inserted in the head of the lure which increases casting distance. They can be purchased on for $3.52 for a pack of six which is substantially cheaper than most retailers.

Night Crawlers

Artificial night crawlers are excellent for almost every fish. They are especially good for walleye and bass. Night crawlers on jigs are ideal when casting so you can get some distance. If you have access to a boat, trolling in waters where walleye are abundant with anight crawler on a jig will lead to great success. Night crawlers are a first choice of many anglers as these fish recognize worms that make it into the water and are a part of their diets. This pack has 15 soft night crawlers and are an excellent addition to any ones tackle box. Night crawlers can also be made into a weedless lure, which gives the angler an additional opportunity to cast through heavy weed areas.

Stingfish Pro-Troller

One of the best trolling lures is the Stingfish. It is perfect for walleye, pike and trout. Walleye and pike primarily love the tiger colours that this lure offers, which is why strikes are fairly consistent in well populated areas. These fish love the wiggle motion which is why it is so effective. The colours mimic many small bait fish and can be purchased on Amazon for $3.58 and qualifies for free shipping on minimum orders. has same day fishing for some products.

Spoon Starter Kit

Spoons are excellent lures for many different fish. Pike, walleye, salmon, trout and bass love spoons. The spoon starter kit comes with 24 different spoons in different shapes and sizes. These different shapes and sizes swim in different patterns and motions through the water attracting different types of fish. When fishing for walleye and pike it is important to use wire leaders as their teeth are very sharp and can easily rip through even some of the strong test line. Manypike anglers only use spoons because of how successful they are. From personal experience, in a decent populated lake of pike 2 people were able to land 12 pike in under an hour using only silver and red and bronze spoons. These pike were not very large with the largest pike just being 24 inches. This spoon starter kitoffers many different varieties which allows the angler to have different approaches which is optimal for landing a pike.


Poppers are excellent top water lures and one of the best bass lures on the market. They float on top of the water and only snag on top waterweeds like lily pads. These are the best lures to use in extremely weedy waters. Bass also love attacking in an upward motion. After casting, the lure sits on top of the water and as the angler jerks the bait along water, it is pushed in the mouth through the bottom, which attracts fish to the lure. Some poppers resemble frog like motion, which is why casting in lilypads are excellent places to start.


Leaders are strong and built to last. In this order they are shipped in three different sizes, which includes: 15, 20 and 25 cm. There are 72 pieces in total per order from and they sell well below regular retail. They are also strongly suggested when fishing for pike and walleye as their sharp teeth often cut the line when reeling them in. These wire leaders are very strong and are nearly impossible to snap from their teeth. This results in less lures lost which saves you a lot of money and helps save the fish from having a lure permanently stuck in its mouth.

Eagle Claw Snap Bobber

These are excellent for keeping bait off the bottom. They are also excellent for seeing if the fish is nibbling on your bait. What separates these from traditional bobbers is the florescent colours of bright green and pink which can be seen easier at darker times of the day and can extend fishing time. Red bobbers are difficult to see getting close to nightfall and it can be difficult to see if the fish are biting with them, which is why bright pink and green bobbers are suggested. These come in a pack of twelve and are essential for nighttime fishing.

Foam Bobber

Foam bobbers are great alternatives to regular bobbers. They offer additional accuracy when casting and are more sensitive to movement which makes it easier to spot if a bite occurs. They are a bit more difficult to put on your line than traditional bobbers but provide excellent accuracy which is why they are used by so many anglers.