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Duffins Creek

About fishing at Duffins Creek

Duffins Creek is one of the best locations for fishing for trout. Duffins Creek River offers some of the best seasonal fishing. Brown troutsalmonrainbow trout, and white bass can all be caught during certain times of the year. The majority of anglers upstream are searching for trophy rainbow trout. Great trout fishing picks up in February once the ice melts and stays pretty active until late May to early June when they return to Lake Ontario. Anglers do best when targeting trout by fly fishing. They are also successful in using small minnow baits and spoons.

About fishing at Duffins Creek Marsh

Located in the town of Ajax, Duffins Creek Marsh offers excellent angling action and has some of the best fishing near Toronto. There are four pools of water at Duffins Creek. Three are muggy and it is difficult to see the bottom even though they are very shallow. The other, which is on the North West side, is a different ecosystem and has different types of fish within it. Parking at this location is difficult as there is only three designated parking spots at the bottom of Frisco road. Most people park their cars on the side of the dirt road and it is a park at your own risk. The park is accessible via transit but a long walk to the marsh area itself will be required. There are no public washrooms accessible to the park. Duffins Creek Marsh is along the waterfront trail so anglers can walk, bike or rollerblade along the trail to get to the marsh.

Directions to Duffins Creek

What kind of fish will I find at Duffins Creek?


Carp fishing is one of the best in Toronto in the three muggy areas. They Marsh areas are very shallow in most spots only being about a foot deep which makes seeing a group of carp very easy to target and cast. From shore, it is easy to see the carp above the water and attempt to avoid the seagulls. Due to how shallow the water is watch for seagulls and other birds attempting to pick something up fish out of the water. Anglers do the best casting from the shoreline using jigs with worms or corn on them to try and catch carp. The carp action is very good and can be up to fifteen pounds at Duffins Creek.


Pike fishing is great around the mouth of the marsh as well as near the middle. With pike looming around the marsh in search of a pumpkin seed or perch it is common to see a huge splash above the water surface where one unlucky perch was made a meal. Casting from shore using spoons and minnow baits will be effective. The clear water in this pool allows for pike to see spoons and spinners from a further distance allowing for better pike fishing.


The clear marsh is home to smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rock bass and the seasonal white bassWhite bass are very rare in the marsh but possible to catch. The smallmouth bass stick to the south part of the marsh with the largemouth staying more towards the north. However, each type of bass can be caught in any part of the marsh. When the season opens for bass in late June, anglers have most luck casting with spoonsminnow baits, and jigs. The bass can be up to two pounds and put up a good fight for their size which makes great action for the summer months.


Great sunfish action at Duffins Creek is perfect for kids just looking to catch anything. Although the fish are quite small action is consistent if using the correct bait. Try using worms on small hooks as they have very small mouths. Try casting from the west shore in the clear marsh or in the creek itself. For best results use a float and keep the hook a foot above the bottom of the water.

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