Ashbridges Bay Park

About fishing at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Located at the bottom of Kipling Avenue and Lakeshore BLVD, Colonel Sam Smith Park offers great fishing opportunities for all ages. The park has excellent parking close to the water as well as is accessible to get to with public transit. The bay offers many great fishing spots with a diverse ecosystem that provides great action throughout the summer and fall months. Colonel Sam Smith Park also has very well maintained trails which makes getting to your desired fishing spot a lot easier.

The deep marina offers a great body of water that attracts many different types of fish. Sam Smith Park has a great entrance from Lake Ontario as well as some damns that are built by beavers each year which add to the fish ecosystem. Most beavers don’t eat fish which allows them to live in harmony together. Around the shoreline rocks with deep drop-offs are abundant in the area. Colonel Samuel Smith Park is also home to the predatory species the Red Goby. If caught, the Red Goby must not be put back in the water, as they eat the fish eggs and destroy ecosystems.

Directions to Colonel Samuel Smith Park

What kind of fish will I find at Colonel Samuel Smith Park?


Carp fishing is excellent at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. When anglers come here be prepared for carp angling just in case nothing else is biting. Carp are abundant through the area and are often seen coming up to the water or getting scared off as a bird approaches. Carp can be caught anywhere throughout the park using sweet corn on hooks. Allow for the bait to sit on the bottom and be patient for the fish to bite. Carp at Colonel Samuel Smith Park approach fifteen pounds so landing them with a net may be required.


Pike are a decent size, but most don’t exceed four pounds. The mouth of the bay is a perfect spot for casting for pike. Anglers should use spoons and minnow baits for the best results. Through the early morning and before the sun sets pike can often be seen throughout the body of water catching its prey. When searching for pike try to look for them just a few feet above the water surface.


Sunfish can be caught at any shoreline at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. Primarily stick to shallower areas when targeting sunfish. These fish are quite small here but provide good action for young kids. Anglers do best with sunfish using worms on smaller hooks.


Both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass can be found along the shorelines of Sam Smith Park. On the southeast side is the best spot for bass as the weedy shallow area provides an excellent habitat for them with small fishbugs and frogs also to be found in that area. Look for tree coverage when searching for a place to cast. Casting with spinnersminnow baits and worms provide excellent action from season open to end at Colonel Samuel Smith Park.


Catfish are also a common catch mostly by those going after carp. Anglers who leave corn on the bottom are sometimes ready to real in a good sized carp only to find a catfishCatfish can be caught in any part of the bay along the bottom of the water throughout the park.

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