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Coho Salmon

Coho salmon fishing is excellent during the run up the rivers in the fall. As The Coho travel upstream in search of a spawning location anglers have incredible action. These fish can be caught using spoonssmall minnow baits and spinners. Also fly fishing will be effective. As the Coho settle upstream anglers can enjoy action until the ice freezes in December. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to try to catch Coho. Be sure to have pliers for when you remove the hook, as Coho salmon have sharp teeth.

After the ice breaks up, river Coho salmon make the long journey back to cooler part of the lakes, which is where they can be found in the summer months. Note that fish return to the same area they were spawned in. So if great action happens one season, be sure to try that spot next year. Fish for deep pockets in the river as they frequent these spots. The average size for these in the rivers of Toronto are between five to eleven pounds but reach up to twenty pounds.

  1. Spoons
  2. Minnow Bait
  3. Spinners
  4. Flies

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