Carp fishing is great in Toronto. Carp are abundant throughout the GTA and are in almost every body of water. These fish in Toronto can reach up to twenty pounds in the GTA. When fishing for carp, use sweet corn. Put the sweet corn on your hook accompanied by a heavy weight if current to ensure the bait doesn't move. Most carp can be seen from shore area either coming to the surface or through the water. Muggy marsh areas through the GTA provide excellent habitats for carp which is why they are the most common fish to find in Toronto.

Cast out to the deepest part of the water and leave the bait there for ten minutes. Leave the rod in a placeholder. Adjust the drag on the rod so when the fish bites it has room to pull. When the fish bites keep the rod straight up to keep the line tense. Carp mouths tear very easily, which is why the drag should be set high upon initial strike. Try to keep the fish away from rocks and logs because the fish may be able to get free if tangled.

Recommended Lures for Carp:

  1. Fishing Hook with Corn
  2. Fishing Weight
  3. Carp Bait or Corn

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