Brown Trout

Brown trout have amazing eyesight so the thinnest clear line possible is vital to catching them. Leaders also cannot be used as they can easily see them. Fishing in rivers and streams are great locations to fish. Be sure to cast around structures such as large rocks and logs. These fish have a tendency to hide behind these obstacles so when their pray floats by they can quickly snatch it up. Another spot to fish is pockets in rivers that has limited current. These are perfect rest spots for brown trout, as the limited current requires strength to stay in the same spot.

Brown trout are abundant in many rivers throughout Toronto that connect to Lake Ontario. Fishing is at its peak after ice thaw till mid may in most rivers as they make the long journey back to Lake Ontario. Along this journey anglers from the shoreline of the river cast either with fliesspoons and spinners. Brown trout are very difficult to land because of how picky they are. There sharp teeth snap the line often times but using a leader will likely cause the fish not to bite.

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