Brook Trout

Similar to Brown trout, Brook trout make the journey from large lakes to find spawning areas in rivers before the ice freezes. Many of these fish return to same spawning area they were born in which makes a perfect spot for anglers. If fishing action is excellent in one spot of the river, then return back to that spot the following year. This is because many trout return to the same spot they were born in. Many rivers through Toronto have excellent brook trout fishing opportunities and some other bays and parks have excellent Brook trout fishing from shores.

The best baits to use are live worms in lakes as well as silver spoons. Using leaders will be ineffective due to their exceptional vision. For rivers, try fly fishing and small minnow baits. Try casting at the base of heavy current where it smooth’s out, as they like to use these areas as spawning locations. These are great spawning locations because it reduces the possibility of their eggs getting washed down the river. On the way back to Lake Ontario, anglers can catch so many brook trout from shore. This action is consistent from ice thaw till mid may. By this time, most of the fish have made it back to the lake and to cooler waters.

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