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Bluffer’s Park

About fishing at Bluffer’s Park

Bluffers Park is located at the bottom of Brimley Road in Scarborough and provides some of the best seasonal fishing in Toronto. The park has beautiful scenery with the large eroding cliffs and highly maintained trails which make strolling through the park a choice of many during nice summer days. The Scarborough bluffs attract many different types of fish due to the large marinas and deep pockets around the rocks.

Bluffers Park has accessible public washrooms and two large parking lots. The parking lots fill up fast, though, on nice summer days. Bluffers Park also has two public well-maintained boat launching areas into Lake Ontario. Public transit is available to Brimley Road and Kingston Road but is a kilometer walk down a steep hill.

Fishing is excellent all year and Bluffers Park is one of the few places to have recorded catching walleye on occasion. Excellent seasonal fishing is available at the Scarborough Bluffs where anglers can cast from shore and catch rainbow trout and brown trout. On rare occasions during August and September, anglers casting from shore can catch Chinook and Coho salmon. The best results come from using spoonsspinners, and small minnow baits. Try to cast for the deepest part of the water as they prefer the coldest water possible. The marina has been known to have the occasional salmon and trout caught due to the great water depths in the Scarborough Bluffs marina.

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What kind of fish will I find at Bluffer’s Park?


Pike are attracted to Bluffer’s Park due to the cooler water and the marinas on site. Pike can be caught in any marina as well as at the mouths of water going into Lake Ontario. Pike can reach up to around two feet at Bluffers parks and due to the uneven terrain it would be safest to use a net when landing them to avoid any injuries. Pike are often seen jumping out of the water around the marina during early morning and right before sunset. These are the optimal times to go fishing for Pike as it is feeding time for them.


Carp fishing provides great action for anglers through all seasons. The best spot is part of the dirty marsh. Carp can often be seen coming to the surface in this marsh and are commonly mistaken for pike when they come to the surface. These fish are very sensitive to any movement which is why it is common to see them struggle on top of the water. Fishing off the bridge on the marsh is a great spot to cast from. Using sweet corn on hooks will provide great action when fishing for carp.


All types of bass except for white bass can be caught at Bluffer’s Park. The fallen trees along the shoreline provide excellent cover for bass and are great spots for casting with weedless luresLargemouth bass are abundant throughout the marina and provide great fishing during their open season from late June till close. Rock bass can be caught throughout the park in water that is shaded by docks, boats or trees.


Sunfish are common throughout the park and can be caught fairly easily when fishing on the inside calmer waters. The best spot is in and around the marina areas to protect them from predatory fish. The northern bar of the marina is the warmest part which attracts the sunfish. Use worms as your primary bait. Sunfish can also be caught using jigs and worms on a small hook.


Perch fishing is also decent through the year. Bluffer’s park is home to two species including yellow and white perch. These fish can be caught all over throughout the park and are open year round providing great angling activity.

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