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Bass - Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are similar to largemouth bass, but do not reach the same size. Smallmouth put up a great fight and are in a majority of the bodies of water in Toronto. Smallmouth love weedy shallow areas just like Largemouth but are attracted to slightly cooler waters. So in a bay the Largemouth will normally be farthest away from the entrance of a larger lake due to the warmer temperature and small mouth will be closer to the entrance. This is the story at Frenchman’s Bay, where small mouth reside on the southern side of the bay. Smallmouth are also not open all year, so be sure to check when bass are open in the zone you are fishing in prior to casting.

Smallmouth can be caught with a variety of different lures. Anglers have best luck using spinnersminnow baitscrank baits along with soft plastic baits that imitate small bugsfrogs and crawfish. For live baits stick to minnows and worms if your lake or stream allows live bait. Best times to fish are the first few hours after the sun rises along with the last few hours before the sun sets. Bass can be found along the shorelines of most lakes in the weedy shallows. During the day when the sun is out they take cover under shade provided by trees, logs, docks or lily pads.

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