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Bass - Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are abundant throughout the waters of Toronto. Largemouth Bass is one of the best game fish in North America. When the season opens in late June action picks up in the shallows of the water. Largemouth keep to the shallow weedy areas. They eat insects, small fish, crawfish, bait fish, and frogs. When targeting Largemouth, use baits that are similar to these to provide the best results. When the sun is out bass stays in sheltered areas such as under docks, tree cover, and lily pads. When there is cloud cover or rain, bass are more difficult to locate as they can be anywhere shallow. Still cast to shallow areas as it is a preferred area for them.

The best time of day is the first few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset. If it is a cloudy day bass will also feed in the afternoon as well. Ensure that there is some vegetation as they prefer to be in these spots. Bass will eat almost any small-sized fish such as blue gillperch, and round goby. Largemouth are able to consume fish that are up to fifty percent of their size due to their large mouths. Lures that are most effective are spinner baitscrank baitsjerk baitsjigs, and poppers. Having these imitate fish in the ecosystem are optimal. The largemouth season is only open in late June and vary from zone to zone. Some open the third Saturday in June and other zones open the fourth Saturday in June and some later in the season.

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